Check Whether IMEI is Blacklisted or Not?

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OK! If you are new to the whole IMEI number industry, let me tell you something you never heard of. Let me tell you how all this works. But before I do, I want to clear a couple of things.

You see, as a person who has been tracking mobile phones, blocking phone numbers, and even blacklisting IMEI numbers of dozens of phones every week, I get one question from people. And that question is actually silly (yes, questions can be silly sometimes). What it is you ask? Well, when it comes to IMEI number and blacklisting it, everyone has a wrong assumption that

Only Carriers Can Blacklist IMEI

And that’s not actually true. We have many players who can blacklist an IMEI number of any phone. You will find such people in local areas. Actually, when I first visited China, we had a grey market where people were able to repair phones like it was nothing.

They would change the IMEI number, even switch the hardware of mobile phones (like iPhone and Galaxy Note) in just 15 minutes.

Some phone repair folks told me things that were completely new to me. Out of everything I realised that we have…

Several IMEI Number Softwares For Phones

Yes, you read that right. We have so many IMEi changing softwares available for use. One guy who became my friend later showed me the whole process. Here’s how it worked: first he used his Windows laptop and launched a software called “IMEI tracker” but it was written in Chinese language.

Next, he connected a broken iPhone (actually, it was an US based iPhone under contract of T-Mobile) to the laptop. The iPhone picture came on the front of the screen and the software detected the device as well. What happened next was that he clicked a series of chinese buttons.

I was only watching him use his mouse like a ninja. First, he told me to look at the IMEI number of the iPhone. I only remember the last 4 digits which were 5659 and that was, after using the IMEI changing software, changed to 6356 (or something, I don’t quite remember).

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This was absolutely easy. And when I asked if I can take this software back to my city, he told he a “straight NO!.”

Not All IMEI Tracking Apps Works!

Online or offline, he told me the IMEI app works only on certain conditions. Upon asking what they are, he refused to tell. And so I handed him around $50 for this work because I was so happy to get the invalid IMEI error fixed which would have otherwise made my phone useless.

Of course, if you need any help just leave a comment below and I will respond.